S.E.A.L. Performs Additional In Depth Technical Inspection on Winchester Winner /

S.E.A.L. Performs Additional In Depth Technical Inspection on Winchester Winner

(Mt. Summit, IN) – Officials with the Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders (S.E.A.L) announced the findings of their in-depth inspection of the engine of last week’s JEGS CRA All Stars Tour winner at Winchester Speedway. The engine passed all field inspections following the event. Afterwards, S.E.A.L officials took possession of the MEP 425 Ford engine (rebuilt by Peters Racing Engines) used by race winner Chase Burda for further in-depth inspection and dyno testing.

The dyno test and further inspection was witnessed by CRA and S.E.A.L.’s Greg Wood, ASA’s Rick Davis, ASA National Tour Director Joe Balash, Chase Burda Racing Team Representative Gordon Guffey, CRA Chief Technical Inspector Eddie Chew and Dewaine McGunnegill of McGunegill Engine Performance.

Dyno results showed the engine performed within the expected parameters of the MEP 425. Following the dyno run and in-depth tear down and inspection, the following outcomes were noted:

Serial number on camshaft was confirmed as correct to MEP 425.

Cam Doctor data was used to confirm that the camshaft degree positioning was correct.

Intake was inspected on and off of the engine

Cylinder head was removed.

Machine work on valve job was approved with valves removed.

CC Test was performed on cylinder head to confirm legality.

Intake and Exhaust Valves were verified as correct part numbers and size. Compression was tested in four cylinders with a “Whistler” and found to be within legal limit.

Crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons were confirmed to be correct.

Crankshaft was visually inspected for evidence of lightning.

Rocker Arms and Pushrods were verified as correct.

Lifters were removed and inspected to ensure they were correct and unmodified.

One piston was removed, and piston rings were verified as correct.

The engine passed all technical inspection that was performed, as witnessed by the stated attendees.

S.E.A.L. officials were pleased with the outcome, the cooperation and participation of all involved, and used the time together to organize more thoughts to assist the Certified Rebuilders in their efforts going forward. Those builders will be receiving more re- building guidance in the coming days.