Evan Varney Ready for Break-Out Year with JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour in 2024 /

Evan Varney Ready for Break-Out Year with JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour in 2024

Nashville, TN – For several seasons, Evan Varney has raced alongside his older brother, Brandon in various facets of the sport. From Evan racing Bandoleros, while Brandon raced Template Late Models, to now with the pair competing on the track together in the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Presented by Chevrolet Performance. Some could say Evan has been overshadowed by Brandon and his success for much of their time racing together. The 2024 season, however, could be the year that Evan breaks out and separates himself from Brandon.

Last season, Evan Varney showed just how good of a race car driver he truly is. In fact, he bested Brandon on the track in multiple ways. He out-qualified his older brother during the Big O Classic 100 at Owosso Speedway in June of last year. Evan also posted good finishes last season in his No.61E including an 8th place finish at Birch Run Speedway in July, finishing 12th and on the lead lap at the Masters of the Pros 184, a pair of top fives starting with the World Stock Car Festival at Winchester Speedway and then back at Birch Run Speedway before ending the year with another 8th place finish at Winchester Speedway.

Evan Varney’s development as a driver will be the focus for 2024, which could lead to his first podium of his career, if not his first win. Evan’s driving style has typically been described as “be there at the end”, focusing on not being aggressive, laying back early in the race, and seeing how the cards are dealt at the end of the day. Father and car owner, Bob Varney says one of their goals this season is to have Evan be in contention for the entire race.

“Evan is a lot more laid back [than Brandon],” says Bob Varney. “He’ll see you around lap 70. One thing we’re trying to work with on Evan this year is the intensity of the battle. He’s gotta work on getting beside someone and racing them for 20 laps to earn a position,” explained Bob Varney.

The catch for that though is making sure that Evan doesn’t go too far in amping up his aggression. Bob says he doesn’t think that’ll be a problem because he knows how much Evan respects his equipment and those around him.

“He likes to take care of his race car,” said Bob. “He doesn’t like getting out of the car and seeing tire marks all down it – that makes him mad. He respects his racecar. I have to keep that in check and also ask him to be more aggressive,” he said.

As Evan continues to build his race craft, he’s also working to build his own identity. In 2024, Evan will compete in the JEGS Tour in the No.16, rather than matching Brandon with the No.61. The change is meant not only to give Evan something of his own, but also pay tribute to Varney Brothers Motorsports 70th season.

“I said it would be neat if we had all three car numbers from the family [on the track],” explained Bob Varney. “Evan said he wanted to do 16, his great grandfather’s number, and it separates him from being ‘the other 61 car’.”

A new number, new goals, and an exciting season of racing lie ahead for Evan and his team. Bob Varney says Evan’s excitement for the upcoming season is through the roof, even though many people may not recognize it due to his calm demeanor.

“Evan is really pumped up – for as pumped up as Evan can be,” Bob said. “Evan is going to be up there chasing Brandon for a win, and I can’t wait for that day. He’s the little brother and everything that he’s watched his brother do, obviously, Brandon did it first. For him to go out there and be his own person, and really shine this season, we can’t wait,” continued Bob.

Evan will again unload his car alongside his brother all season with the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour. Bob Varney says that Evan will have the same, if not better equipment than what is prepared for Brandon. Both the No.16 and No.61 are likely to be at the front of each JEGS Tour event, something Bob says is a credit to his team.

“You have to have a guy, like we do, Bill Gehrkey, who learned to be a racecar mechanic and is all about doing it right and learning everything he can,” Bob said. “Things don’t fall off the car because, we call it Billy strength. He literally makes it possible for this little team, with as much as we have to do, to show up at the race track.”

Evan Varney begins his quest for a break out season on Saturday, April 27th during the West Michigan 100 at Berlin Raceway. Advanced tickets are available now at BerlinRaceway.com. Fans who can’t make the trip can catch the action live on RacingAmerica.Tv and TrackTv.com.

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