S.E.A.L. Committee and ASA Branded Tours Update Engine Situation /

S.E.A.L. Committee and ASA Branded Tours Update Engine Situation…

Officials from the Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders and ASA Branded Tours have issued a bulletin to all ASA teams regarding the MEP Sealed Engine configuration that was confiscated, and ultimately disqualified after independent inspections following the ASA STARS National Tour Father’s Day 100 at the Milwaukee Mile Speedway on June 16.

The bulletin, released on Friday, July 5, stated in part that “Based upon recent dyno testing and subsequent engine tear downs, adjustments will be made to MEP Sealed Engines….”

MEP Sealed Engines will now be required to run a maximum 7,400 RPMs at all ASA Branded Tour events “until further notice” and “until adjustments are made to the engines.”

ASA and the S.E.A.L. Committee are committed to updating and stabilizing the overall engine rules package. The RPM rule allows for a hard baseline until further updates to the specs for the MEP Sealed Engine are finalized. Talks are ongoing for broader industry wide review and consensus of the overall engine rules package going forward.

The bulletin can be viewed by clicking here.