ASA STARS National Tour Penalty Statement /

ASA STARS National Tour Penalty Statement

Gearhead Motorsports #91, and driver Ty Majeski, have had their 2nd place finish in the Father’s Day 100 at the Milwaukee Mile disallowed, after their engine was found to be out of compliance with the ASA STARS National Tour rulebook, and the “Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders” (S.E.A.L.) specs.

STARS officials pulled the engines from the cars of the Father’s Day 100 race winner Dawson Sutton, and runner-up Majeski as part of the series post-race inspection process at the Milwaukee Mile Speedway in West Allis, WI Sunday afternoon, June 16. The engines were impounded, and traveled to RW Race Engines in Tennessee, where representatives from both teams’ engine builders, ASA STARS and S.E.A.L. observed a series of technical inspections.

The #26 Rackley W.A.R. teams engine was declared legal, having passed the baseline testing involving compression, engine displacement and horsepower.

The Gearheadz #91 engine, however, did not pass the baseline testing, failing to meet the parameters as outlined by sealed engine technical specifications, and approved S.E.A.L. guidelines, specifically related to maximum allowable compression ratio.

Failure to pass the baseline testing prompted ASA STARS National Tour Officials to disqualify the Gearheadz team, as per the official rulebook.

As a result, car #91 has been issued the following penalties.

  • The car has been disqualified.
  • Both car owner and driver have been stripped of 2nd place finish points, and awarded last place race points (29) and five (5) appearance points
  • Owner and driver lose all bonus and segment points earned.
  • Loss of all Race Earnings.
  • #91 Gearheadz Motorsports Team has been placed on probation for all events in the remainder of the Calendar Year.